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    Highlights of recent press articles on issues related to social media, artificial intelligence, digital ethics and political polarisation. Articles published in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Russian.

    Building moral machines

    Before giving machines a sense of morality, humans have to first define morality in a way computers can process. A difficult but not impossible task for the global community.

    Algorithmic politics

    AI technology is becoming commonplace in political campaigns, but what effect is it having on democracy? It is clear that AI has the power to destroy or save democracy.

    Power of populism

    The Internet has rewired civil society, but it has also given new powers to the wrong people. Instead of supporting democracy, it has increased ideological segregation.

    Risks of AI solutionism

    Using AI simply for the sake of AI may not always be productive or useful. Not everything that can be automated should be. A long read on the dangers of the wide-spread AI solutionist mind-set.

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